Moonstone and Silver Om Necklace

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High-quality moonstone, semi-precious gemstone set in sterling silver on an adjustable chain, which fastens at 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 inches. 

The main moonstone is approx 12 x 10mm and the clasp charm stone is approx 6 x 9mm.

The virtue of a crystal is that it is hard matter - like rock - that lets light through it - like water.  

What differentiates crystals from one another is the quality of the light that it lets through it - like humans.  

I always recommend to people that, rather than reading what the books and websites say about a particular stone, that you tune into the stone for yourself and see what reveals itself in that connection.  

Moonstone is famous for its iridescent flashes of blue, purple, red and pink that reveal themselves in certain situations but not all.  This is why it relates very much to feminine mystery and the moon: ever changing, unpredictable and mysterious.  Wear moonstone first and foremost if you feel drawn to it and you like it, but also if you want a crystal that relates to the qualities explained above.

This is an elegant and beautiful necklace that is very good for everyday wear.  My family have been working with these manufacturers for decades and their work is usually very good with faults and breakages only rarely happening and only when someone catches their chain on something or is too rough with it.  

If you have any questions or considerations to make before your purchase, you are welcome to ask me on live chat now or send me an email.