Women's Circles

Women's circles with me provide above all a place for women to come together and connect.  Most women share that they love the process of seeing, hearing and being seen and heard by one another.  This creates a kind of sisterhood that is indescribable - you have to experience it to see for yourself.  

Coming together in this way breaks down all the not-spoken-about but most-of-the-time present female barriers of judging, jealousy, and rivalry - such an important step for all women.

These gatherings always involve talking (sharing) in circle and usually - if we have time - a few simple exercises ('rituals') that involve some movement, dance, breath work or other nourishing, self-healing women's practises that are fun, simple and leave you feeling great.  

This simple format of sharing and being together has proved to be very healing throughout the ages.  Most women have described their experiences as "nourishing" and "nurturing" to women in a way that nothing else is.

Womens circle ritual healing gathering sharing talking support sister sisterly

Through this, women come to understand

  • The nature of female energy - how it is different to male energy and how and when, as individuals, we embody both
  • How female sexual energy moves and what might be stopping it
  • The natural cycles of woman and how they are reflected in the cycles of moon, water, earth and sun 
  • So much more...


It also provides a kind of familial support that most don't get from their friends, colleagues or family because of the nature of modern life.  

Please note:

All of my workshops can also be booked as private group sessions in your home or work with friends, colleagues or community groups.  

My workshops can also be chosen and tailor-made into weekend or week-away intensives as retreats for

  • Team-building,
  • Healing in and of community circles,
  • Conscious hen parties,
  • Healing work among friendship groups,
  • Mediation
  • Or simply as a fun and opening experience when you want to dive 'in' to yourself in a world where we are mostly busy and distracted by things on the outside.   

In this case I quote you a package price based on your requests of accommodation by county, local activities, a nutritionist and or a health food chef, yoga, pilates, beauty and wellness treatments, also taking care of practical things like the schedule and travel.