Come back to yourself! Meditation can bring you back to inner stillness and peace when you have lost it. 

A continued practise teaches you how to stay connected to that while performing all of your daily, even stressful tasks.  Over time you see your physical and emotional levels balance and harmonise.  


Meditation.  Call it 'mindfulness' if you must (I prefer mindlessness: going deeper than the level of the mind to a place where you are not constantly thinking, assessing, planning, worrying).  Mind is always complicating things.  And you can live from a deeper, more peaceful and alive part of yourself than mind.
Meditation is not something we do for an hour a day, (and then go back to our neurosis) but rather a constant practise of coming back to your self: to peace and to stillness in every moment of the day, no matter what the demands of your routine are.  

The physical, mental, emotional health benefits are beyond mention.  There are so many.  Actually meditation is the most natural human state but we have totally forgotten it.
Are you busy/frantic/stressed/overwhelmed/overthinking/tired/not knowing how to stop/needing self-care/want to relax/feeling overloaded?  Most of us are.  Whether you live in the city or not - the inner noise of mind is so intense, and creates suffering to such a degree, that unless you know how to stop it, it can be a major impediment to really enjoying life.  

Weekly private sessions at your home, work or on Skype.  Share it with up to 3 friends.  Groups of no more than four.  
Minimum six weeks commitment, with an option to continue at your choice of regularity after the initial 6 weeks are over.  
Corporate bookings for bigger groups also possible with slightly different terms. Know someone who manages a big team of people and wants to help them with their wellbeing?  Meditation could be the thing for them.

And what do you know about meditation?
I have been studying meditation and healing since I was 19.  Meditation is just a word for coming back to a state of connectedness with yourself (aka healing).  I have been deeply committed to this path of healing from a young age and it is my pleasure to share the ancient knowledge of the art of being with those around me who are also seeking to be more at peace and at ease with themselves, with others, and with life.  That experience is available for all of us and it is such a delight to start really enjoying life!  

Ok... What's next?
Ring me for a short consultation over the phone.  We can briefly discuss your needs before arranging the time and place of your meditation classes.