What is Energywork?

Energywork, which is also known as 'energetic healing' or just 'energy healing' addresses the subtler layers of your being.  


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and many other 'non-Western' systems of understanding human health, the body is seen to have channels or 'meridians' which basically supply energy to our organs and take away toxins.  Where these lines cross or meet are powerful points which are also known as energy centres, and touching them certain ways can have many beneficial effects 

If you divide up the real experience of being you into the different layers that you are aware of, you can see that there are four main levels of your being:

  1. First, the most obvious is the body.  That's the physical layer.  Thats what we address mainly with massage.  Physical tension exists as a tangible knot that I can work with deep tissue to soften and eventually open and release completely.
  2. Next is the mind - all your thoughts, ideas and memories.  That is the mental level: all of those things exist in the mind only
  3. Then, slightly more subtle than that, is the emotional level.  This is where most people go unconscious - they are more comfortable and used to operating on the physical and mental levels only.  Some, who are considered more 'sensitive,' are more aware of their emotions: they know that when they feel a certain way - like angry or sad, they think different thoughts and behave a particular way.  Most people are not so aware and are therefore ruled by their emotions.  
  4. And if you go even deeper than that, you may be aware that their is an even subtler level that can not be known or grasped by the mind.  We call that the awareness or the pure being.  This is the one who is conscious of all the other layers, and who is untouched by any of it.

This is important because until you are aware of yourself - of what you are actually made up of - you are unconsciously and continuously moved by your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behaviour.  That is what is called being 'asleep' by many spiritual traditions of the world.  

An energywork session takes your awareness deeper than the physical and mental levels, and if it goes well, you or I may be able to see what is going on in your system that is creating the sickness or tension or trouble in your life.  


This point is known as the 'Third Eye,' in Indian Yoga Science, and the 'Hall of Impression,' in Chinese Medicine

 In an energywork session with me, you will be guided by my words and some specific kinds of gentle touch into such a state.  For you, this will feel like relaxing deeply into yourself, and most people find it deeply nourishing and restorative to the physical and mental bodies which are put to rest (for some people, for the first time in decades).  

This relaxed and receptive state also has the quality of openness.  It is a state most well known to practitioners of meditation: a state of consciousness in which your awareness comes home to your system - is no longer busy with thinking or distractions from the outside world.  

You will feel energy coming into your system from my hands, which will be placed on or above specific parts of your body.  Everybody feels this differently - some feel heat, some feel tingling, while others may see colours and light.  You can also experience twitching in the muscles or have visions, memories or guidance enter your consciousness.  Sometimes past-life memories surface in order to be processed and moved-on from.  There is no way of knowing what experience you will have, but you can be pretty sure that the experience will be deeply relaxing, restful and restorative to you.

There is a lot more to to say about how energywork can affect you and your life, so if you are interested in hearing more, please contact me directly.


A Important Note on 'Natural Healing:'

There are thousands of different kinds of energy healing all over the world and they can be found in almost all human examples of culture since the earliest days of our species.  

In most of Europe, a lot of this knowledge of how to heal naturally was lost when the Catholics burned the so-called 'Witches,' in the so-called 'Holy Inquisition,' in the 12th - 19th centuries.  Many of the women and men who were tortured and killed were actually Europe's shamans and healers - the mystics who knew the connection to spirit that allowed them to perform what we would call 'healing,' or 'miracles,' - which were actually pretty common in the pre-industrial world.  The Catholic fear of this knowledge and power destroyed it so effectively that Europe has very little of the knowledge left, and if you speak about things like 'healing,' or 'witches,' or 'spirit,' you are likely to meet suspicious looks.  This is not so in the countries outside of Europe where such knowledge was not so forcefully destroyed.