Dance Workshops

My next Dance workshop is called Movement Medicine and will take place on Saturday 7thDecember @ Bamford Haybarn Spa, Brompton Cross, London, 2-4pm

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Mystical Dance:
In 2016 I qualified as a Mystical Dance® teacher.  The practise involves ancient holistic as well as new age dance and ritual based movement healing practises.  Mystical Dance specialises in awakening the female spirit but is also applicable for men.  These classes and workshops involve rituals and exercises in dance medicine, tantra, (progressive sex education,) ritual, meditation, breath work, bodywork and more dance!

Participants discover the power and mystery of dance and movement as a "gateway for self-development and spiritual transformation" - Monika Nataraj, founder. 

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Ecstatic Dance:

I also offer mixed group ecstatic dance sessions which are a 2-hour immersion into the freedom of movement.  Like a disco without the alcohol or social expectations, participants have the opportunity to shake, wiggle, jive and groove to loud and banging beats, serene, spacious, gentle, rocking and slamming. 

Explore the different sides to your senses as you are encouraged to explore how breath and different kinds of movement and sensation can express themselves through you.  



All of my workshops can be booked as private group sessions in your home with your friends, colleagues or community groups.  

My workshops can also be chosen and tailor-made into weekend or week-away intensives as retreats for

  • Team-building,
  • Healing in and of community circles,
  • Conscious hen parties,
  • Healing work among friendship groups,
  • Mediation
  • Or simply as a fun and opening experience when you want to dive 'in' to yourself in a world where we are mostly busy and distracted by things on the outside.   

In this case I quote you a package price based on your requests of accommodation by county, local activities, a nutritionist and or a health food chef, yoga, pilates, beauty and wellness treatments, also taking care of practical things like the schedule and travel.