Breathwork Workshops

Rebirthing Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey:
In 2014 I met and began to work with Katy Dron, founder of Cosimia Sounds and master sound healer.  Together we experimented with many different kinds of natural healing; sound, meditation, visualisation, plant foods, drumming, dancing, singing, breath work, yoga, bodywork, shamanism - both of us bringing different things to the table, but with a lot of delicious cross-over.  
We created a workshop combining our separate skills and areas of knowledge.  This we ran very successfully in 2016 and 17, until both of us left London on separate travels.  
Now we are both living in London again, and are picking up where we left off in 2017, but now with a lot more knowledge and awareness from our continuous commitment to the paths of awakening; bringing you our new and expanded, remastered Breathwork and Sound Healing workshop.
The workshop starts with a short introduction for beginners; explaining the practise, its history and use across the globe.  We then move into a guided body scan meditation from where you are lead into the intense and therapeutic 'rebirthing,' circular breath technique.  This is the main 'up' of the process.  Once this journey has reached its peak and begins to come down, the room is filled with rapturous sonic vibrations from Katy's extensive collection of sound-tools, her voice and sensitivity.  You are bathed in sound and the body comes to a deep state of peace.
The session concludes with a short sharing circle for those who wish to ask questions or share their experience with the group.  
The session lasts two hours and usually takes place on a Thursday night.  
Occasionally we offer longer workshops which go deeper into particular aspects of the healing work.  
We also offer continuous participation in the workshops as an ongoing 'course' where you pay for all on them up front, and come to every one.  In this case we check in with you individually and suggest in-between work for your process to really take hold and deepen.
There are currently no scheduled dates for this workshop in the diary.  However we are working on finding a venue that suits all of our needs, and hope to have one in the diary by Autumn 2019.
Tantric Fire Breath Orgasm
In 2015 I took part in an impromptu breath work experience which blew me out of the water.  Already tired, by that stage, of all the 'chakra chat' and sanctimonious bullshit people were lofting around the yoga studios of London, I wasn't particularly interested in a 'tantric chakra orgasm technique' because it sounded like more of the same nothingy pseudo-spiritual idea-ism, but...I took part anyway.  And I was so delighted that I did because the effect was explosive!  I think everyone in the room was panting with pleasure and energetic release by the end. The technique blew all the physical-sexual doors open to a stage where orgasmic energy could be felt all the way from its source in the 'root chakra,' through all of the energy centres that run up the centre of the body, and out of the top; through the crown of the head (and into space!).
The technique is a build on the 'Rebirthing,' circular style of breathwork I was already teaching at that time, involving simultaneous Taoist-like contractions, sacral rolls and sips of air that you then visualise moving through the chakras in a specific way.  
With one-pointed attention on the technique and a lot of letting go of everything else, a full-body energy orgasm is attainable and was experienced by even the most "I can't do that"-y members of our group.
I don't currently have any of these workshops scheduled, but I am working on it!  I would love to be holding space for this again in 2019.

All of my workshops can be booked as private group sessions in your home with your friends, colleagues or community groups.  

My workshops can also be chosen and tailor-made into weekend or week-away intensives as retreats for

  • Team-building,
  • Healing in and of community circles,
  • Conscious hen parties,
  • Healing work among friendship groups,
  • Mediation
  • Or simply as a fun and opening experience when you want to dive 'in' to yourself in a world where we are mostly busy and distracted by things on the outside.   

In this case I quote you a package price based on your requests of accommodation by county, local activities, a nutritionist and or a health food chef, yoga, pilates, beauty and wellness treatments, also taking care of practical things like the schedule and travel.