Booking and Contact

To book an appointment, please email me with the following information:

  • What type of treatment you would like
  • Your availability - during the day / after work
  • If I am coming to you (and where) or you are coming to me
  • What date you would like and a few possible others 

- My email address is shivanitouch @ gmail .com

Alternatively email me your phone number and a good time to talk, and I will call you to discuss treatment.  


A two-hour appointment is £120.  This is the length of the entire session from the minute I arrive until the minute I leave.  Travel time and costs are included.  Of this you will usually get 90 minutes on the table.

The most popular option is to buy a block of sessions which are priced as follows:

3 sessions = £350 [£116/session]

5 sessions = £550 [£110/session]

10 sessions = £999 [£99/session]

20 sessions = 1900 [£95/session]  


Blocks must be paid up-front, at which time you are welcome to schedule one, some or all of your treatments in the diary.  Blocks of 10 or more may be split with one friend or relative.  There is no time limit - your remaining sessions will never expire.  
It is up to you how you take them, but my recommendation is no less than one per month for the sake of the results.  


If I am coming to you, I will bring my table and all equipment except for towels.  You will need to supply two towels which probably won't get any oil on them, but might.

Stairs are fine - I am used to carrying the table up stairs, but please make sure your space is at least two metres wide and three metres long.  It counts as a cancelled appointment if I have to go home because the space isn't big enough so double check in advance

I look forward to hearing from you