Agua De Florida, Energy-Cleansing Spirit Water, 270ml

Agua De Florida, Energy-Cleansing Spirit Water, 270ml

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Original Muray and Lanman Peruvian Shamanic Cleansing Spirit Water 'Agua De Florida' is a delicious-smelling, energy-clearing, high-frequency alcohol-based 'spirit-water' used in healing ceremonies originally in Peru, and now all over the world.  

Clients of mine will recognise the magnificent floral aroma from my sessions.  Everybody always says "what was that amazing smell?!" at the end of their session, so I have decided to stock it for you.  

Use it when you -

: have just got off the tube

: are feeling heavy or low

: want to cleanse a space

: want to cleanse your energy field

: just want to appreciate an incredibly high-vibration sensory experience!

How to use -

Basically, you can do whatever you like with it (DO NOT CONSUME) - personally I pour a generous amount into a cup made by my hand, (not minding about any drops that spill on the floor, because why not bless the floor too while we're at it?) - rub it all over my hands as if I am washing my hands with soap, then cup my hands over my face and inhale through the nose, with the feeling that I am drawing its cleansing vibration into every cell and every emotion and every thought in my system.

Then I move my fragrant hands all around my body (either touching the skin or my clothes or hovering just above the surface of the body) - starting around the head and finishing around the feet, with the feeling that I am purifying my aura.

Find you own way of cleansing and clearing your energy field.  There are infinite ways of doing this.  Feel it.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have on my live chat or in an email.  I'm always here to assist you.